Ask the Rose

July 26, 2010

Bloom its own

each bud possess.

A poem, too,

wrote or read:

A solitary act.

The rose could tell you that.


  1. Nice sentiment, lousy poem.

  2. Borrowed words do not become you.

    • Tell me, with a straight face, that you’re not schtupping Linda, Leader of the Quinn Claque.

  3. With a face neither straight nor crooked but fixed in perpetual bewilderment, I tell you what you must already know: I schtup whomever must be schtupped in pursuit of what W.B. Yeats, the great Irish schtupper, called “the golden apples of the moon, the silver apples of the sun”

    Do you, pray tell, behave any differently?

    This from today’s WSJ:


    • Wonderful, man, wonderful!

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